Company uniform

The choice of Company Uniform: the 9 most common mistakes that companies make

Buying a uniform for your employees is an essential part of running your business.
Are you choosing the uniform for your staff and are you afraid of making a mistake?
Don’t be afraid! After you’ll read this article, you won’t be able to fall for trivial mistakes anymore!
Organic cotton sprout cover

Organic cotton: the new textile fiber that can save the world

Organic or biological cotton is a type of cotton that is cultivated and then processed according to biologic agriculture’s standards. Its production protects people and environment’s health, making use of natural processes and materials.
There are various certificates guaranteeing organic cotton standards. Among them, we’ll talk about OCS and GOTS.
new website

Cast Bolzonella: new website and donations to battle Covid-19

Cast Bolzonella has just published the new website to better deliver PPEs, such as the most requested surgical masks, to companies that need them. We keep trying our best to offer an efficient service even in this difficult period of Covid-19.