10 tips to avoid using iron

Thanks to the growing awareness on environmental issues, there are more and more green initiatives that are catching on via the Internet. #stopironingfortheclimate it’s the slogan that is spreading in Italy for about a year and it invite us to put aside the iron: in return we will have more free time, we will save money, but above all, we will preserve the environment

In the previous article, we saw how and where the movement is born, the evolution of iron and of female figure. But now, let’s get to the point and see how to overcome the use of this appliance, also for our work uniforms!

Ironing clothes

How to stop ironing, or at least reduce the use of iron

Let’s take one step at a time. You don’t have to be drastic and throw away the iron right now. You can proceed in small steps, which still help to improve the quality of the planet.

First, let’s make it clear that there are clothes that do not need ironing, such as underwear, sheets or pyjamas! They are ironed by wearing them and they certainly don’t need to be perfect. So let’s focus on the clothing we use every day at work, the real unknown of this campaign.There are some tricks that will help you keep your garment ironed from the moment you wash it until it dries.  Don’t be frightened if they seem too much, they are just common sense rules.

How to wash workwear to iron less and better

The way to arrive to get free from the iron starts from the washing, so here is how to plan the washing machine to make ironing easier.

Choose the quick program or the delicate program

If your work uniform has no particularly resistant stains, there is no reason to use aggressive washing cycles. Usually a quick cycle or one for delicate garments is more than enough, and preserves the tissues for longer.

Use an ecological softener (or a natural substitute)

Softener is almost essential in the fight against fabric creasing, but it can also be replaced by natural alternatives, such as white vinegar or citric acid, perhaps with a few drops of lavender essential oil. The garments will be soft, clean and fragrant, and the environment will be grateful!

Be careful with the centrifuge

Few things crumple clothes like an exaggerated centrifuge! It certainly makes drying clothes faster, but crushing them against the washing machine basket creases them mercilessly. Set the speed to no more than 800 rpm.

Take loundry out of the basket immediately

If you forget that, you run the risk of developing bacterias, which will make laundry stink. If it stays in the washing machine’s basket for a long time, the first creases start to “fix”. The solution? Hang the garments as soon as the washing cycle is ended.

How to dry work uniforms to avoid ironing them

The washing machine was just the first step, now that you’ve washed your uniform you have to let it dry, but how? There are some tricks that will help you get a perfect uniform even without an iron.


Lay the clothes before drying them

Lay folds of tissues before hanging clothes, it’s a great way to reduce the use of iron. You only have to shake them with energy and stretch them with your hands, to avoid the famous “strap!” and have garments that look like they have been ironed. Turning the garments inside out also helps to stretch the fibres of the fabric and avoid that sunbathing will discolour them.

If it’s possible, use hangers during the drying

Hangers are a great way to get clothes dry in shape. Use hangers for all outerwear, especially the more insidious ones like shirts and t-shirts. Hang clothes with the closed buttoning, as if they were already dry. These garments won’t need much more care, except a quick steam coat on the cuffs and collar for the fussy ones;

Avoid the use of clips

If you must use the clothesline, try to avoid using clothespins, because they leave annoying marks that are difficult to remove even also with the iron. If necessary, try to place them between the folds or in hidden places.

Use the tumble dryer

Using the dryer is not very much in line with this green-inspired campaign, which goal is to save energy, but it certainly helps to have clothes as freshly ironed. So at least try to set up an eco-friendly or easy ironing program!

Store your clothes in the wardrobe at the right time and in the right way

Don’t let dry the clothes too much. It’s better to take them off before they are too dry, for extra softness and easier folding. Also, when you pick them up, avoid piling them up and fold them carefully, ironing them with your hands. 

The no ironing starts from the purchase: which are the garments to choose for ironing less

Taking a few steps back, however, the choice of the garments that make up your uniform is decisive. Let’s prefer jersey garments, better if they contain a percentage of elastane, or with a polyester component. Some particularly fine cotton fabrics also have the characteristic of being crease-resistant.

If you are about to buy a new uniform, ask our consultants for advice to have garments with innovative fabrics such as no-iron, which, as the name says, are perfect to support this campaign.


Has your company already joined the #stopironingfortheclimate campaign?

Obviously the choice to give up ironing remains with the individual employee, but how much more would it impact the environment if this were a company indication?

Let’s forget that a garment has to be ironed to be presentable. With these tips we will not only be able to keep our pleasant appearance intact, but also have more time for ourselves and preserve the environment!

Let us know if you have already put the advices in this article into practice, and share it with your colleagues. #stopironingfortheclimate, why not?