Discovering Jeans and Denim

In the industry of workwear, jeans have made history. Practical and robust, they were ideal for jobs that put a strain on the clothes of workers and miners. But let’s go in order and make it clear: nowadays the term jeans indicates the cut of pants, while denim means fabric. So when we talk about shirts, jackets and dungarees made of this fabric, we are talking about denim clothes.
What is the history of this famous piece of clothing? Let’s discover it together.
Organic cotton sprout cover

Organic cotton: the new textile fiber that can save the world

Organic or biological cotton is a type of cotton that is cultivated and then processed according to biologic agriculture’s standards. Its production protects people and environment’s health, making use of natural processes and materials.
There are various certificates guaranteeing organic cotton standards. Among them, we’ll talk about OCS and GOTS.