Tested for you: APRICCIONE

Cotton multi-pocket bermuda shorts

Our colleague Mattia has decided to try out the APRICCIONE bermuda for you, and after several weeks of testing at work we asked him a few questions about this garment to get his impressions. Here is the small interview we did with him.

Q – Hi Mattia, what can you tell us about these Bermuda shorts?
A – Well, I’ve been wearing them for almost a month. They’ve impressed me for their comfort. They fall right at my waist, but the elastic at the hips gives me great freedom of movement, I can bend and crouch without any problem, so I like wearing them at work.

Q – And what can you tell us about the pockets?
A – They’re many and they’re comfortable, but to tell you the truth, the tasks I carry out don’t require the use of multi-pocket trousers. In fact I wear them because they’re cool and resistant.

Q – Are you referring to the fabric?
A – Yes, even though it’s a heavyweight cotton, these Bermuda shorts are actually very cool. It must also be due to the model, which fits well at the waist but is loose on the legs. For me this is an important advantage: I don’t feel self-conscious, and I stay cool all day long.

Q – Can you give us an overall impression?
A – Of course! I like them, I feel very comfortable. I recommend them especially for those who need to be comfortable and cool at work, moving freely.

Q – So, can we say that they have passed?
A – I’ll be wearing them here at work during the summer, so I’d say yes: they’ve passed!

If you are interested in finding out more, the APRICCIONE multi-pocket Bermuda shorts are available in 2 colours, click on the image to access the product information sheet.