The polo shirt, one hundred years of fashion!

The history of the Polo shirt begins in the early ‘900, among the English polo fields. This shirt in fact was born as a sportswear.
But from the early 900 to day there’s a long way, right? To know more, continue reading!

In modern times the use of Polo T-shirts has spread everywhere: in not too formal environments where the dress code is not rigid, the polo shirt is a garment that is well suited to different work situations.

polo shirt used in the polo game

The history of the Polo shirt begins in the early ‘900, among the English polo fields. This shirt in fact was born as a sportswear. 

It was during this period that the idea that outdoor sport was a healthy activity spread. That’s why even clothing in use at the time began to change to meet the new needs.

If at first a shirt was used, but it was too stiff and uncomfortable, there was a need for a garment that better suited the movements of the riders.

red short-sleeved polo shirt

They looked for a new, comfortable and more comfortable short sleeved model, with a buttoning that stopped at the chest and a collar that in the early days had small buttons on the tips, with the function of preventing it from lifting during sports activities, the so called “Button Down” that we still find today in shirts. 

It was during a polo match that entrepreneur John Brooks noticed the detail and decided to introduce it into the production of his “Button Down” shirts.


Piquet fabric

The real revolution, however, comes only with the tennis player Renè “the Crocodile” Lacoste who, in the 1920s, introduced a fundamental element that made the Polo recognizable at first glance, the “Piquet” fabric.

A new fabric for the time, with ideal physical characteristics that promote breathability and freshness essential for sports activities.

Piquet has a micro embossed look, with small motifs in relief. This fabric became a valid alternative to the “jersey” that was used at the time.

Over time the meaning of the word “Polo”, has been extended to T-shirts used for tennis.

In the 1970s, Ralph Lauren chose Polo shirts as the key garment in his new line, called “Polo”, definitively associating the name of the sport with that type of shirt.


Your polo shirts for work

Over the years the polo shirt has gone from being a simple uniform for sportsmen to become an icon of casual and informal clothing, adaptable to every kind of situation thanks to its versatility.

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