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#STOPIRONINGFORTHECLIMATE – The new environmental campaign

A new trend is becoming viral on the web and it is finding great support also in Italy. The hashtag is #stopironingfortheclimate and the idea is to wear clothes without ironing them.

A new trend is becoming viral on the web and it is finding great support also in Italy. The hashtag is #stopironingfortheclimate and the idea is to wear clothes without ironing them.

The birth of the movement: what it is about


This movement was born in Colombia about a year ago and has come back in vogue in the last weeks, also in Italy, considering that the environmental issue is more current than ever.

The campaign proposes to make a simple but important action in favor of the environment: to reduce, or even better, completely eliminate the use of iron, limiting the use of electricity as much as possible and producing less polluting gas emissions.

The results of research in this theme have shown that not ironing for a year is like planting seven trees or taking seven motor vehicles off the road. This is a very important contribution for the environment, which we are all inclined to support.

Let’s take a step back: from the first iron to present


The iron is an object that has very ancient origins: artefacts from the third century BC have been found.

To find more similar models to those we are currently used to use, we have to wait until the 70s, when Rowenta presented the first steam iron, much lighter, practical and handy than previous models.

Ironing every garment, from shirts to t-shirts, from sheets to panties, becomes much easier and housewives dedicate all the necessary time to make the family looking great.

What has changed?

With female emancipation, women are placed on an equal footing with men and their position within the family unit evolves. She starts working and slowly takes on more important roles, which allow her to grow professionally. However, she consequently overlooks the duties that have always been associated with her: taking care of home and family.


With the development of working life, the priorities of work, family and domestic tasks also change. Nowadays women become a true example of a multitasking model, but this is not always a good result!

According to the #stopironingfortheclimate campaign, ironing is something you can avoid, to save time and energy, in addition to be greener and have more time to dedicate to yourself and your hobbies.

Fashion is constantly evolving and many important brands have launched intentionally wrinkled clothes; so we don’t have to worry too much if we leave the house with some crumpled outfits

The “No Ironing” for your workwear

Also for workwear there are several items that are “easy ironing“, or that do not need ironing, an example are especially shirts.

These shirts are made with a treatment that keeps the fabric fibers always stretched and extended thanks also to the body warmth.


The shirt is a must in the world of work, used by businessmen, but also by many women who work with the public, like hostesses, promoters and receptionists.
These people travel a lot and, being in contact with the public all day long, they need to be perfect all the time. For this reason a “No Ironing” uniform shirt is the best garment because once washed and laid out to dry, it does not need to be ironed and it does not form creases.

There are not only shirts, but also other easy iron clothes, such as polo shirts, trousers, or in any case all garments that contain a percentage of polyester, lycra, denim, nylon and elastane.

In the next article we will find out together what are the steps to reduce the use of iron, and why not, maybe say goodbye to it definitively!

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