7 reasons to choose fabric washable face masks for your company

In this article we are going to talk about the advantages in the choice of fabric masks instread of surgical masks. Not only they are great for the environment, but they also have many other pros.
Discover why you should really consider cotton washable masks for you and your company in this article.

In this article I want to share with you an experience I lived last summer, because I think that it is interesting both for me, who have been in charge of masks’ sales for several months, and for those who are in charge of the choice of clothing and accessories for the staff of their company.

During a weekend of July, to escape the summer heat, I remember going to a mall and, without even thinking about it, my feet headed for an ice-cream shop of a well-known chain.

Undecided between the various flavours, I focused for a moment on one detail: the girl who was serving me was wearing a water-repellent blue fabric face mask with white details, which matched her uniform perfectly. Inside of me I thought: “These guys know a lot about marketing! They’re wearing a washable fabric mask, designed specifically for their business!“. I was genuinely impressed with their attention for details.
Just behind her, however, a second girl appeared, wearing the same uniform but a different mask. A moment of deep disappointment. It was like the second girl shouted: “THESE MASKS ARE MADE AT HOME!!”. The enchantment immediately faded away, and I found myself thinking that that franchise had delegated to its employees the responsibility to get the masks themselves: a lack of attention to both staff and customers.

This memory came to my mind again this week of October, after seeing many fabric face masks around me. I decided to explain why I am convinced that every company should provide washable masks to its employees.

1. They are a CE certified medical device

First of all, let’s clarify the two different types of washable fabric masks that we find on the market: community masks and masks certified as medical devices. The first ones, which can also be self-produced with multilayer materials suitable to act as a barrier, reduce virus circulation and are not subject to special certifications. They should not be considered as medical devices or personal protective equipment, but as a hygienic-sanitary measure. The second ones, on the other hand, are certified as medical devices and are comparable to surgical masks. In fact, they provide an efficiency of bacterial filtration of the outgoing air equal to 95%, thus hindering the spread of the virus. They are the best choice if you want to combine a high level of protection with a number of advantages that you will discover in the following points.

2. Washable fabric masks are eco-friendly


Do you know that disposable masks damage the environment we live in?
They are in fact made of different polymers and materials, and are therefore impossible to recycle: after their use, they must be individually sealed in a plastic bag and burned in the incinerator, which emits polluting gasses. What is more, we must also consider the consequences of the misbehaviour of some people who, by throwing the masks ashore, contribute to environmental and marine pollution.
Calculating that in the coming months we will need 40 million masks a day, using washable cotton masks would help to preserve our planet.
Cotton is a natural, environmentally friendly and recyclable material that does not create negative impacts on the environment.
Another advantage of washable cotton masks is that they can be reused several times: just wash them by hand or in the washing machine, and then iron them to sterilize them for the next use. Quite an advantage, don’t you think?

3. Washable fabric masks respect the health of the wearer

I want to make you think about another very important issue: have you ever thought about the negative effects that some tissues cause to the skin?
Very often, in fact, we have to deal with annoying redness and allergies which, in addition to being unsightly, have negative effects on our health. This happens because many finished products still contain traces of toxic substances, such as heavy metals, pesticides and allergenic dyes, which are very dangerous for humans. Imagine the damage your skin could suffer from wearing the mask for an entire shift!
Fortunately, washable masks also help in this case: the OEKO-TEX label, in fact, certifies the absence of harmful substances of this kind, taking care of our health.

4. They enhance your brand

customized masks

You’re wondering how a mask can enhance the corporate image? Maybe it’s hard to believe, but I can confirm that the fabric mask also has this power! It can be combined with the corporate uniform and personalized with the logo, becoming also a great marketing tool.
For many people, this could be a negligible element, but in the world of communication it’s the details that make the difference. A coordinated working environment in every detail, among other things, makes the stay more pleasant for customers and generates in their minds the so-called “halo effect“, through which the positive impression of a single trait of a person favourably affects the evaluation of the other traits.

5. They valorize and protect your employees

While it is essential to make the customer feel welcome, it is equally important to pay attention to its employees who, more than anything else, reflect the image of the company. But you can do even more for them!
Equipping the staff with customized masks with the employee’s name is an original idea that will make them feel even more part of the company, and this will also shine through in the eyes of the customers, just like it happened to me.
Masks with the name help to strengthen eye contact, which is unfortunately hindered by the virus and protective devices at the moment, and thus to establish a more direct relationship with colleagues and customers.

6. They are practical and comfortable


How many times did you come home with painful marks behind your ears and on your face because of the mask? Wearing it for a long time can be annoying and uncomfortable, and in these conditions it is impossible to work at your best. To solve this problem, washable cotton masks are perfect because they guarantee maximum comfort thanks to the soft and breathable fabric, which adapts perfectly to the shape of the face giving a sense of pleasantness on the skin.

7. They are cheap

And here we come to the factor that, perhaps more than the others, influences the choice of masks. Despite the support from the State for the supply of Covid products, the costs that companies have to incur to ensure the protection of their reality are still very high. If we consider that the surgical mask covers a 4-hour shift, we immediately realize how much, guaranteeing the appropriate amount for employees, weighs heavily on the company’s costs. Washable masks are the most suitable choice in this case too: the fact that they can be reused several times, allows for considerable savings, without neglecting the protective factor.

Now that you’ve discovered all the advantages of washable masks, take a look at our website! You will find the washable mask that best suits your needs!

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