washable face mask

Washable masks: searching for the ideal product

Wearing the mask is of fundamental importance today, but who would have thought it could have become a fashion accessory?

You know, to have an impeccable outfit you have to match clothes and colors in the right way, especially in the work environment. Fabric masks, in this sense, are perfect: they can be matched with the colors of the uniform, be personalized with the name of the employee or with the logo of the brand.

Do you often make business trips or activities in close contact with the public? Wearing your personalized fabric mask can become a symbol of professionalism and recognition for your company.

In this article you will discover how to protect your company with style, without giving up the safety of a certified mask.

A choice for people and environment

Environment protection

We decided to expand our product catalog with washable masks because we want to provide our customers with an economical, but above all ecological alternative to surgical masks.

The recent increase in the use of these devices has also made their disposal problematic. In fact, tons of disposable masks are used per day and, if we consider that they are produced with non-woven propylene and other plastic materials, it is not difficult to imagine the importance of a proper disposal plan.

A quick and easy solution? Start using fewer disposable masks wherever possible and prefer washable masks! Ours are eco-friendly because they are made of organic cotton. They can be washed and reused often, so you don’t accumulate waste that is difficult to dispose of.

Searching for the first fabric mask in our catalogue: the MF001

Much time has passed by since the selection of our first fabric face mask, back in September 2020. In the meanwhile we expanded our catalog.

However we’d like to narrate the thinking process that led to the the acquisition of the very first washable face mask in our catalog: the MF001. It is a good example of how our decision process works. A decision process that surely focuses of quality.

From supplier selection… to the perfect mask

Cast Bolzonella's import

Our journey in search of the best washable mask began with the selection of suppliers. We received numerous proposals and evaluated them all with scrupulous attention. We were looking for the perfect product, but how to recognize it?

First of all, criteria that washable masks had to meet in order to be taken into consideration were identified:

  • To be validated as a Medical Device in Italy in accordance with the ISS Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Have a breathable fabric to ensure adequate comfort even for prolonged periods of time
  • Anti-fogging: the fabric must avoid condensation of breath
  • Continuous availability: the product must be available in large quantities and for long periods of time
  • Ready for production: the product must maintain its characteristics without the need for further tests.

In our choice we focused on: a pleasant material for the skin, which guarantees a comfortable fit, a wide range of colors, resistance of the fabric even to a high number of washes.

With the first skimming we selected four face masks that met our requirements. We were ready to test them at work!

Tried and tested for you: washable fabric masks

Light-blue washable face mask

Considering that the mask will have to be worn by many of you for eight hours a day in the workplace, we could not choose a mediocre product that would cause breathing difficulties and fogging of the glasses. The only way to make sure we could find a product that was really suitable for all workers was to test it ourselves.

In Cast Bolzonella we all wore the selected masks and, after the individual trial period, we completed the evaluation questionnaires.

The test

To make the test as effective as possible, the masks were worn by us in different areas: in the office, during customer appointments, in the warehouse, in the supermarket and in the shopping center.

We immediately encountered some problems with one of the selected masks. The fabric was too little breathable. After only a few minutes of testing we felt the need to lower it to take a breath of fresh air. Result? Discarded in no time!

The second and third masks seemed to have all the requirements in order. Apparently we had found the perfect product. Apparently? Yes, because at the time of washing we found that the fabric was shrinking. The quality of the fabric is one of the key aspects for us. We thought about the fabric masks in order to reuse them, which cannot be done if they shrink after washing.

Black washable face-mask with logo

There was only one mask left and to make sure we were making the right choice, we tried to print logos on the fabric, as if we were customizing them for you. The design adhered perfectly to the fabric and remained intact even after washing. We verified that it retained its characteristics for a high number of washes: up to 50!

Excellent breathability, stretch and wash resistant fabric, anti-fogging, a continuous production and wide range of colors.

Here is the winner! After passing all the tests and evaluation questionnaires of our staff, we found the perfect fabric mask: our MF001!


After a careful selection, we decided to include in our product catalog the washable fabric mask MF001. And we did not stop there. We now have two certified types of washable face masks: MF001 and UNIQD MASK 0012.

If the working conditions allow it, the use of fabric masks is an excellent choice for the benefit of people and our planet.

We have found the best products on the market to provide you with adequate protection from the risk of infection.

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